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We sell Citgo TriCLEAN gasoline to give our customers quality fuel for their motor vehicles.  TriCLEAN® gasoline is an enhanced, custom-blended fuel designed to help keep your fuel injectors and intake valves clean while minimizing emissions.  We know quality fuels are important to you, and you have our assurance that all three grades of our CITGO TriCLEAN® gasoline are TOP TIER, surpassing the existing standards set by the EPA.  In fact, CITGO guarantee reliable, high-quality fuel that meets the performance needs of your engine.  Contact us at goodgas.guaranteed@citgo.com for more information.
TriCLEAN Gasoline
Meets ASTM Standards
  • This means that our gasoline complies with rigorous American Society for Testing and Materials standards for reliable transportation needs.  
  • Not meeting the ASTM standards could result in unsatisfactory performance.
Cleans Valves & Injectors
  • Maintains intake valve cleanliness to avoid hesitation and poor drivability.
  • Maintains fuel injector cleanliness to avoid rough idle, poor drivability, loss of power and increased emissions.
Lowers emissions
  • Prevents performance-robbing valve deposits as compared to inferior gasoline.
  • Maximizes mileage while minimizing exhaust emissions.
  • It surpasses the existing standards set forth by the EPA. Learn more here.

Fueling Good

Combine all the savings and perks of Club CITGO®, TriCLEAN® fuel, plus all the ways locally-owned stations help communities.

Make your money go further with the Club CITGO® app. Start saving and CHECK IN daily for your chance to win free gas for a year.


Cleaner gas. Smoother ride. But that’s not the only reason TOP TIER™ TriCLEAN® gasoline is gas you can feel good about.


When filling up at your locally-owned CITGO helps fuel initiatives right at home in your community, where you go matters.


Earning more savings while filling your tank means you can go explore more on the road. Save every time you fill up with the CITGO Rewards® Card.

Gas Cards

a Great Gift!

Great for holidays, birthdays, emergencies.  Give family, friends or associates a gift to fuel their drive to accomplish their dreams.  Gas Cards are available at each location of Mandella Market.  Please, contact us at pr@mandellamarket.com for more information. 

I like the detergent in the gas... it last you longer!

Great Service, Gas, & More!
Committed To Community
The long term goal is to provide sufficient investment in the community around Jefferson Avenue in order to help return the community to its glory days.

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