Why we're here

Inspired by the resilience of the famous South African Leader, Mandella Market strives to honor his legacy as a beacon of resilience and tenacity in the East Side Community of Buffalo, NY.  Here customers can expect to experience convenient 24 hour access to basic groceries, tasty snacks, hydrating beverages, fantastic coffee, and other items delivered to the community with great customer service.  We are here to deliver quality products and service!

Broadway Ave

Mandella Market Gas Station

525 Broadway St.
Buffalo, NY 14204
(716) 867-0068

East Ferry St.

Mandella Market - Ferry St. Location

272 E. Ferry St.
Buffalo, NY 14208
(716) 882-0288

Great service

“Value Each Person”

We appreciate every customer. We aim to deliver great service to every customer regardless of the occasion or the task. We always welcome constructive criticism or compliments.   Please, connect with us to share any concerns.  We value each person and our community


 TOP TIER Grades

Mandella Market sells fuel from CITGO to give customers the best products.  This fuel includes all three TOP TIER grades of CITGO TriCLEAN® gasoline.  This gasoline is enhanced, custom-blended fuel designed to help keep your fuel injectors and intake valves clean while minimizing emissions.

Fresh Coffee

“Always Fresh & Always Good!”

Fresh hot coffee is always available at Mandella Market through out the day to compliment  one of our local Famous Donuts. Also our bags of Ethiopian Coffee beans are here for your consumption.  Count on our coffee to always be fresh and always be good!

Groceries & More!

“Great Groceries”

Mandella Market conveniently supplies a range of basic necessities or items of interest to the surrounding community.  Our store will use great service to supply great groceries, snacks, tobacco products,  automobile related items, beverages, and lottery games. 

I like the detergent in the gas... it last you longer!

Great Service, Gas, & More!
Committed To Community
The long term goal is to provide sufficient investment in the community around Jefferson Avenue in order to help return the community to its glory days.

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525 Broadway St. Buffalo, NY 14204 | (716) 867-0068 | pr@mandellamarket.com