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Our Story

Mandela Market was created with the intention of supplying the Jefferson community a gas station and a convenient store.  The company’s management philosophy will be one of respect and responsibility to build on the legacy of ancestors who made it possible to be a modern day example of the American Dream.  Mandela Market will have a productive environment that will maintain mutual respect for its customers and fellow employees. 


Mandela Market will be a brand new Convenience Store and Gas Station. We will strive to provide superior customer service and the highest quality gas and groceries at an affordable price, while operating as a profit and as a growth oriented business in the community


The long term goal is to provide sufficient investment in the community around Jefferson Avenue in order to help return the community to its glory days.

Our Values


The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.


A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.


Impartial and just treatment or behavior without favoritism or discrimination.

Social Responsibility

A practice in which individuals are accountable for fulfilling their civic duty to benefit the whole of society.


The condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury.


Being in possession of a strong desire to be more successful than others

Our Community

Our Location

Mandela Market was created with the intention of becoming a major mini mall in the African American community of the East Side of Buffalo.   Our first location is centrally located in the Mighty Masten District at 273 East Ferry Street (on the corner of Jefferson Ave.)  This vibrant site is located conveniently to Canisius College and Performing Arts High School in the Hamlin Park community that Mayor Byron Brown calls his home.  In addition, Mandella Market is approximately a 5 min. drive from the Buffalo Science Museum, Erie County Medical Center, and Buffalo General Hospital.

Our newest location is located at 525 Broadway Street is across the street from the Sattler Broadway Theatre ( in the developing Ellicott District.  This location is less than a 5 min drive from the Broadway Market, the SUNY Buffalo – downtown campus, the Larkin Building, and the Buffalo City Hall.


Who We Serve

Our goal upon opening the establishment was to serve as a means for the Jefferson community of WNY to flourish again.  We continue to work to fulfill this objective continually enhancing our service to our community.  We are working hard to supply great customer service to all who are seeking gasoline, food, beverages, automobile lubricants, tobacco products, ice, access to an ATM, and other basic supplies.  Because of our location we are able to serve individuals who travel along major arteries for traffic between downtown Buffalo, NY and the surrounding suburbs.  

However our customer are primarily residents of the culturally rich African American Buffalo East Side community in the Masten, Fillmore, and Ellicott District. The population is approximately 50,657 people.  The pride of residents in the community is visible through art work visible at locations such as the Freedom Wall, and Martin Luther King Jr. Park .  Approximately 64% of Residents of the East Side community are African American and 25% of residents are between 25 and 44 years old. In East Side there are a variety of schools, colleges, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks.

Our Plan


Mandela Market will advertise in Artvoice Magazine as well as in the Canisius College Griffin, and the local college newspaper. Mandela Market will also advertise in The Challenger, the local neighborhood newspaper of the area. In addition, the usage of digital flyers and  traditional flyers will be used to promote our establishment in various venues, and online.  Our online service includes the company web site and social media.



Mandela Market is the trade name for operating the gas station and convenience store of Zula Inc. Zula, Inc. is a New York State corporation. In addition, Zula, Inc. will form a strategic partnership Goetz Energy Corporation, which uses the brand name Citco.  Mandela Market is solely owned by Ahmed Saleh.  It is not anticipated that the company will seek additional shareholders for the foreseeable future.  Mr. Saleh will be the full time manager of the store.


Business Productivity

  • Mandela Market Groundbreaking of Broadway St. Location ()
  • Mandela Market Expansion Groundbreaking of East Ferry St. Location (10/2019)



  • Honored by SCORE and Small Business Association as a successful small business clients. (6/2018)
  • Recognized by Mayor Brown during the City of Buffalo Small Business Week and Economic Development Week for (5/2018)

Owner Brief Biography

Ahmed Saleh arrived in the United States of America from the East African nation of Eritrea in 1995 as a non-English speaking refugee. He was without family or friends, seeking a safe place to pursue a livelihood and achieve his goals of becoming a businessman. With the hope of living, the American Dream persevered through a variety of obstacles that result from living as a refugee in the USA. He found shelter from the Viva La Casa Shelter.

While working to acquire asylum in the US he invested in the pursuit of the American Dream. This quest was tough in the beginning, because he did not have any money, had difficulty understanding the American culture and communicating with the English language. Despite the obstacles he appreciated the opportunities afforded from residing in Buffalo, NY. He realized if he worked hard and gained an education, he could become successful.  The resulting work ethic from this perspective has lead to the success of Mandella Market.

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When we lose the right to be DIFFERENT,
we lose the privilege to be FREE

– Nelson Mandela

I like the detergent in the gas... it last you longer!

Great Service, Gas, & More!
Committed To Community
The long term goal is to provide sufficient investment in the community around Jefferson Avenue in order to help return the community to its glory days.

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